Tom Cruise Teeth: Journey To A perfect Smile

July 11, 20240

Tom Cruise Teeth: How He Got His Perfect Smile


Hollywood as many know, is an extremely competitive industry, and of course, appearance plays a vital role in success. Tom Cruise’s stunning smile and perfect teeth are evidence of his hard work and devotion towards cultivating his image over many years.

As Tom Cruise began his Hollywood career, his teeth and smile were not so charming. They were misaligned and discolored. He corrected the issues using braces and bleaching treatments, resulting in the dazzling smile he is known for today.

Who Is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is an award-winning actor known for starring in blockbuster movies like Top Gun and Mission Impossible. His daredevil stunts and radiant smile have long been distinctive characteristics of his fame. But also, his teeth have also been at the center of many debates. When Cruise first entered Hollywood, his teeth weren’t exactly “Hollywood dazzling.” They were misaligned and chipped, with one upper central incisor protruding above another, making his smile look unnatural and uneven.

In 2012, Tom Cruise attended the premiere of his film Rock of Ages, where he showcased his trademark haircut and signature smile. However, many viewers noted that one side of his mouth had more gum tissue than the other. This maybe caused by undergoing gingivectomy (gum surgery) or crown lengthening procedures to make his gum line more even.

Unfortunately, Cruise has not shared details regarding his dental work. This makes it difficult to be certain about what he has done to his teeth over time.


Whats up with Tom Cruise Teeth in the first place?

American actor Tom Cruise on the set of The Outsiders, directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola. (Photo by Nancy Moran/Sygma via Getty Images)

Tom Cruise was born with teeth that were unusual. His upper front teeth grew longer than their counterparts in the lower front row. He wore braces to keep them aligned properly and chewed sticks (Yup, you head that right :). He also chewed tough meats, and bones to help his dental health. This helped prevent malocclusion, a condition where teeth protrude upward into the brain and could threaten his life.

Also, Due to an unfortunate dental incident while filming The Outsiders in 1983, where a puck struck the actor in the face and chipped his front tooth. Although he wore a cap over it for some time afterward, when starring in Top Gun his misalignment became obvious.

He began acting in 1983 with discolored and misaligned teeth. His dentist addressed these problems with teeth whitening and alignment procedures, resulting in the attractive smile that exists today. These are procedures that fall under “Cosmetic Dentistry

Tom Cruise Center Tooth

One interesting thing about Tom Cruise’s teeth is his “middle tooth.” Many people have pointed out that his front tooth is aligned with the center of his face. This unique feature is often referred to as the “Tom Cruise Middle Tooth” or the “Tom Cruise Center Tooth.”It adds a different charm to his smile and it has become a topic of curiosity.


What Procedures Did Tom Cruise Undergo to Get His Teeth??

Tom Cruise reportedly underwent multiple dental procedures to achieve his signature smile.  These procedures had a notable impact, and he has undergone them multiple times.

Cruise’s captivating Hollywood smile makes him instantly recognizable to audiences everywhere. Perhaps dental work has helped increase his confidence levels and improved his on-screen performances. Here are some few dental procedures Tom Cruise has done for his smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Porcelain Veneers and Braces:

Tom Cruise used porcelain veneers and braces which resulted in straight and white teeth. These treatments helped in aligning his teeth and giving them a more polished look.

Teeth Whitening:

Also, Tom Cruise had teeth whitening treatments to maintain bright white pearly whites. His teeth appeared significantly brighter after teeth-whitening treatments to address discoloration and stains

Composite White Fillings:

The actor had two chipped front teeth repaired with composite white fillings. This treatment restored the appearance and function of his chipped teeth

NEW PLYMOUTH, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 11:  Actor/Producer Tom Cruise laughs as he speaks to the media during a press conference to promote the film "The Last Samurai" at the Theatre Royal on January 11, 2003, New Plymouth, New Zealand. Set in 1870's Imperialist Japan, the film depicts the destruction of the Samurai. Tom Cruise plays civil war veteran Captain Woodrow Algren. Directed by Edward Zwick, most of the film currently in production is shot in New Plymouth at a budget of around $100 million dollars. (Photo by Simon Baker/Getty Images).

2. Dental Procedures

Dental Crowns:

In addition to porcelain veneers and teeth whitening, Cruise has had dental crowns placed to correct misalignment and discoloration issues. These crowns helped improve the overall appearance and function of his teeth.

Gingivectomy (Gum Surgery):

Furthermore, a gingivectomy (gum surgery) procedure involved extracting excess gum tissue to expose more of his tooth structure. This helped in enhancing the appearance of his teeth by making them look longer and more proportionate.

Dental Implants:

Tom Cruise’s lateral incisor was replaced with a smaller dental implant to make his smile symmetrical. Additionally, his missing upper bicuspid tooth on the left side, which caused other teeth to shift and become crooked, highlights the importance of dental implants in preventing further misalignment. Although dental implants are more costly than teeth whitening and veneers, they may have been worth investing in for Tom Cruise to maintain his Hollywood smile

Tom Cruise Smile Teeth: Before and After

Looking at photos of Tom Cruise before and after he became famous, you can see a big difference in his teeth. In his early pictures, his teeth were not as straight and bright as they are now. Over time, Tom Cruise’s smile has become more polished and perfect, making it one of the most recognized smiles in Hollywood.


Conclusion on Tom Cruise Teeth and Smile

Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s most dearest assets and icons, motivating millions with his charismatic acting and stunning smile. But this wasn’t always the case – his teeth were misaligned and crooked when he first began his career!

Tom Cruise had to undergo quite a number of aesthetic dentistry procedures to enhance the appearance of his smile. Some of these are orthodontic treatment and dental veneers that corrected both the alignment and color of his teeth. As a result, he now has an unforgettable Hollywood smile that is very iconic in his career, added to other attractive aspects.

The Story of Tom Cruise’s teeth journey highlights the transformative power of modern dentistry. From his early days with misaligned and discolored teeth to the perfect Hollywood smile we see today, Cruise’s dedication to dental health and aesthetic procedures has paid off. Whether it’s Tom Cruise’s middle tooth or the overall transformation of his smile, his journey is an inspiration for anyone looking to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence.

If you would like to improve your own smile, you can contact us to learn about all available treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Tom Cruise have braces?

Yes, Tom Cruise had braces to straighten his teeth.

What is the "Tom Cruise Middle Tooth"?

It refers to his front tooth being aligned with the center of his face.

How did Tom Cruise get his teeth so white?

He likely used teeth whitening treatments.

Did Tom Cruise get veneers?

Yes, he probably got veneers to enhance his smile.

Are Tom Cruise's teeth natural?

While his teeth are real, he has had dental work to improve them.

Why are Tom Cruise's teeth so famous?

His teeth are famous because of their perfect appearance and unique alignment.

How much did Tom Cruise spend on his dental treatments?

The exact cost is unknown, but dental treatments like veneers and braces can be expensive.

What dental treatments did Tom Cruise have?

He likely had braces, teeth whitening, veneers, and dental crowns.

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