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Dental Health Reflects Overall Well-being!

Did you know that Dental hygiene impacts your smile and overall health. Lets find this connection on our website and how we can improve our health through good dental hygiene

The Aesthetic Miracle of Zirconium

Explore the key to aesthetic perfection on our website with information about zirconium. Zirconium provides a natural and elegant appearance in your dental treatments

Health and Aesthetics

Parla Clinics is the most recommended clinic for Dental Treatments in Istanbul

A ReasonTo Smile Better

Parla Clinics is the safe-haven for Dental Treatments in Istanbul

Be Proud Of Your Smile

Let us make you feel more confident while you smile with our dental services. From dental implants to orthodontics, achieve a camera-ready and Hollywood smile effortlessly.



Our expert surgeons use top implants like Swiss and Straumann, resulting in zero implant failures. Their professionalism and experience ensure absolute success.


Ceramic Veneer

Ceramic Veneer is an innovative dental solution that restores the natural appearance of teeth through thin ceramic coatings, providing optimal dental aesthetics



We turn your smile to hollywood smile with simple, non-invasive procedures like teeth whitening by our skilled cosmetic dentists. Check our procedures for more information!



Transform your smile with our expert orthodontic care, offering personalized solutions for a confident and aligned bite.


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    Our team of professional dentists is dedicated to providing top-notch oral care, ensuring your smile receives expert attention for a lifetime of dental wellness.”


    What Our Patients Say

    Listen to the voices of our satisfied patients as they share their stories of exceptional care and transformed, radiant smiles.

    Zirconium Crowns

    A journey from Spain to Turkey just for dental treatment could not be made easier. Thank you Parla Clinics

    Peter Tuffnel
    All on 6 Dental Treatment

    I had the best dental consultant handling my case, and i had the best experience mixed with tourism and treatment. Parla Clinics offers just the best

    Zirconium Crowns
    Mariusz Szprengel
    Zirconium Crowns

    I was very shy to smile before, but thanks to Parla Clinic I can now show my Hollywood Smile

    Alan Brady
    All on 4 Dental Treatment

    Smooth journey from airport to treatment and back! Parla Clinic exceeded expectations. Grateful for the seamless experience.

    Arshad Mirza
    All on 6 Dental Treatment

    Growing up, I was very fond of sweets that spoiled my teeth, but luckily i found the right place, Parla Clinics. They are proffessionals and I would hihgly recommend them to anyone wanting a change too.

    Joanna Izyk
    Hollywood Smile

    Thanks to Parla Clinics services, i am proud to show my smile again and this is the best thing that has  happened to  me!

    Transform Your Smile with Implant Therapy

    Unlock a new era of dental excellence with our advanced implant treatments, tailored for enduring beauty and functionality

    Innovative Dental Solutions

    Explore world class implant technology designed to restore smiles with precision and longevity

    Smile Renewal

    Experience the natural look and feel of dental implants, enhancing both aesthetics and oral health

    Your Path to Confidence

    Discover a personalized journey to a confident smile through our comprehensive and seamless implant procedures.


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